SRA Pain Management Reviews

"Prior to being referred to Joyce Reynolds, I suffered from chronic muscle tension for multiple years that most likely was the result of previous injuries combined with a high stress level. With car or plane trips an hour or longer, my legs, neck and shoulders would cramp and cause great discomfort. Even in a rest position, the muscles in my legs, shoulders and back were constantly so tight, they were knotted. Besides having almost constant pain, I found most outdoor activities I used to enjoy difficult and painful. I sought relief through stretching, massage, chiropractic and acupuncture. None of those mediums provided any lasting relief or improvement to my condition. After a month or two of regular massage treatments that provided only temporary relief, Joyce introduced me to SRT. I research it on-line and immediately began an SRT treatment program with Joyce.

By following the SRT treatment program recommended by Joyce, my chronic muscle tension is now gone and I am back to leading a life free of chronic pain. Most days I am now completely pain free and back to doing activities I love; skiing, biking and hiking. The body aches and pains I now get from over exertions (e.g. heavy yard work) quickly pass with rest and standard anti-inflammatory treatments without triggering me back into a place of chronic muscle tension. I now visit Joyce once a month in a maintenance program, keep up with a regular yoga regimen and I am back to living the life I enjoyed prior to my 5 year stent of fighting chronic muscle tension."

- T.P.

"For the first time in over four and half years I can finally say that I am pain free thanks to Spinal Reflex Therapy. While on a cross training day for a marathon I ruptured 2 discs in my lower back in October 2011, I had my first surgery at the end of December that year and was back under the knife in July of 2012.  I had resigned myself to living with a constant gripping pain in my lower back ever since.  After receiving just one treatment with Spinal Reflex Therapy I noticed a significant reduction in my pain and a marked improvement in back flexibility. After my third treatment I woke up totally pain free and able to touch my toes, this therapy WORKS!!!!!!!!"

- M.M

"My shoulder has no more pain, range of motion is full and the ultrasound reported to have found no tearing of the biceps tendon, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, or the subscapularis. You have definitely worked wonders."

- B.D.


"I have had neck and back soreness for many years. Frequent visits to physical therapists have offered some relief but usually very temporary. I recently had an issue with my neck that caused loss of strength in my left arm. One treatment with Spinal Reflex Therapy returned almost full strength to my arm and a substantial reduction in pain in my neck. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from neck and back pain."

- D.H.

"Our family has a history of having a bad back and nothing has changed with me. I have worked in the construction industry for the last 15 years and constantly had back issues. About 2 years ago I tried to move something heavy pulling the heavy object sideways and bang my back was gone, never had so much pain in my life !!

So for the last few years I have been to seven different chiropractors on a regular basis, two different osteopaths, two different Acupuncture places and so much other stuff to try and fix the problem but the lower back pain never went away. So one day my work  roster had finished I had to drive from far north Queensland to Victoria ( Australia ) 2900 KLM roughly and my back was in good need of a massage so I went to the local Chiropractors for a massage, yep massage because it got to the point the back cracking wasn’t doing anything for me so I give up on that. The lady Lou started to give me a massage and mentioned Spinal Reflex that she had done the course and I said straight away try what you like as I’ve tried nearly everything else. WOW how good is this it’s awesome, after the first treatment my back was awesome but she did mention my body would react and maybe other parts would flair up, and that sure happened I could feel my body changing with every treatment but in a good way. For the first time the constant lower back pain has totally gone and the rest is still getting fixed up with more treatment. My life has totally changed and the best thing is I’m back playing golf for the first time in 2 years, Yeah! 
So a great thanks to Frank and his team this treatment is so Awesome

- B.M.

"I'm a very active tennis player, I take strenuous exercise classes and am a runner. In June I invested in some new running shoes that felt fabulous when I wore them, they had top reviews and seemed to be doing well for my feet. As with many things in our lives, things just gradually come on, so you don't correlate the cause quickly. I began to feel pain on my left foot near the base of my 3rd and 4th metatarsal. At first it was random, in time it progressed to every time I put pressure on that section of the foot, I had searing pain. I tried all sorts of treatments and even changed to a pair of shoes that when wearing them took the pain away, but as soon as I was out of the shoes the pain returned. 

After 7 months, seriously, 1 treatment using SRA by Dr. Jarrell and it is over 95% eliminated! I'm now looking forward to having it gone completely. I am so grateful because I had stopped most of my activities due to the pain.

I am thrilled...what a great relief, quickly!"

- Dr. J.K.

"After the SRA adjustment and soft tissue work, I woke up without any patellar knee pain. Also I had no tightness in my calves that had been contracting my stride. I felt much looser in my downhill stride and I didn't need 15 minutes for my muscles to warm up, I was ready to go after 5."

- Emily Baer, Ultrarunning & Adventure Racer


"The SRA treatment was very beneficial to me as a patient, and improved several neck and other body points that have been under stress. The chiropractic analysis and adjustment were by far the most thorough and comprehensive that I have experienced. [note: I have seen many chiropractors] Thank you so much."

- A.K.

"SRA has increased my overall flexibility. When I first came to Dr. Frank I had severe neck pain. After my first visit my neck pain was gone during my next training session. I now don't have the burning sensation during training or racing. After multiple visits I feel smoother and more powerful on the bike. SRA has helped me improve all around. I have less pain, more flexibility, and more power output while racing. SRA has taken me out of the 'hurt locker'!"

- Matt Shriver, RMCF Cycling Team

"I had tendonitis in my knee. Dr. Jarrell assessed me, treated me with SRA, and that same day I went out, pain free, for a ride. It was incredible. It works, no medicine, no surgery, it works right away. Great for recovery and preventing injury. I would, and have, recommended SRA to anyone. Amazing results right off the table!"

- Todd Wells, Olympic Cyclist


"I was at my wits end. I had cracked my femur, torn muscles and ligaments. Two treatments of SRA did more to help than twelve chiropractic treatments for my leg problem. SRA is quite a concept, I would recommend it to anyone."

- R.D. (age 76)

"I had an injury to my left hip area that over time had caused tingling, pain and numbness down my left leg. After seeing Sandi just three times and receiving the SRA treatments , I noticed a significant change in my condition.

The tingling, numbness and pain has gone away and I am able to run on the treadmill like never before. I thank Sandi for getting training in this breakthrough technique called SRA. I have been telling everyone about it! I could not be happier with the results. My rehabilitation doctor told me that the only thing left to do was possibly get shots for the nerve in the muscle. Now, I do not have to do that.

SRA has given me a new lease on life and I am in the best shape I have ever been in since I was a teenager. Thank you, thank you, thank you for educating Sandi on this wonderful alternative to traditional treatments."

- R.A.

"I had been in a large amount of pain that has been preventing me from enjoying my life the way I wanted. I have been searching for answers for it for 5 years (but I was dealing with it much longer.) The week before the treatment that I had with you I was at a point of depression and desperation. I needed SOMETHING to be able to take care of my two small children. I was considering options that I knew wouldn't fix the problem, but might cover up some symptoms for a while so that I could give more to my children. But I also knew with a heavy heart that I would have other problems later down the road from prescriptions- I just thought I'll deal with those problems then, I have to deal with my life today. 

Then I met you, and you gave me renewed hope. 

I wanted to jump and tap dance for you because I was so happy with the relief that I felt (but I'm too conservative by nature!) So maybe it didn't seem like it meant as much to me, but it greatly did. I know that my condition isn't stable, and that I still have a way to go before I am out of the pit that I was in... but I see a light at the end, and I haven't seen that with any other method that I've tried. I had a hump on my upper back that I was very embarrassed and discouraged about- I'm only 25 and I felt like an old woman. I was getting severe migraines every couple of days making it difficult to take care of my children. I was losing function in my arms gradually... 

All of that is still gone after your treatment. I didn't expect 3 treatments to relieve those symptoms (and many more) after only three treatments. I've continued care with my husband who learned your technique, and I've been able to
maintain a higher level of functionality with the exercises as well. 

You have given me something very valuable- and that is joy. I find joy every day being able to do things that I've never been able to do (Like touch my toes! I was a dancer in high school, and I was never able to touch my toes with all the stretching in the world.) I have energy to do the tasks that I need to do, and I haven't had a migraine since so far, so I can give more of myself to my family. We all thank you greatly for paving a new road for people who were starting to feel lost and hopeless like I was. There is no price tag too great for the quality of life that I feel is achievable now. I would travel to the other side of the world to have the relief and hope that you restored for me. And that's the greatest gift that you have given me is hope. Thank you for sharing your talent with my husband to help more people. And thank you for sharing your time to help me, I know that God will bless you in your pursuit because you have the answer to help many more people. All they have to do is just try one more thing. 

Thank you with all sincerity."

- A.M.

"Riding with increased comfort on bike, pedal stroke smoother, more power, more centered over the tube, more energy, hamstrings much better, able to use back muscles better. SRA exercises and new bike position helps."

- Tom Danielson, World Class Cyclist


"When I began working with Dr. Jarrell and SRA for issues I had always thought originated in my lower back, we discovered other factors that explained why I had not found consistent relief.

SRA treatments immediately gave me the sensation that someone had taken the emergency brake off of my cycling - I no longer experienced back pain and it made me realize how much power was not getting to the pedals before I began the treatment. I can not say enough about how successful the treatment has been."

- Jason Sager, US Cyclist, Trainer


"I came to Dr. Jarrell with tendonitus in my knee. After my first treatment the tension in my knee was 80% relieved and was able to ride with no pain. I've had some reoccurrence with the knee pain but with every treatment I receive from Dr. Jarrell, the tension is totally relieved again.

SRA helps me activate my core muscles. This has given me more power and strength while riding the bike. I have better posture on the bike because of this."

- Chris Wherry, World Class Cyclist & 2005 US National Road Bike Champion

"I have had knee and shin problems due to my time spent running in high school. After a session of SRA with Dr. Jarrell I was able to ride pain free. It has also helped with lower back pains that I have dealt with since I was 12 years old. SRA has increased my range of motion along with improving my posture. It also decreases recovery time which lets me train harder than possible before discovering SRA."

- Troy Wells, Pro Cyclist & FLC Cycling Team


"SRA is an untapped potential for many. SRA addresses ASR patterns that cause muscle fatigue, tightness, and even potential injury.

I was not only amazed at the "correcting" ability of SRA but the follow up with prevention exercises that Dr. Frank and the SRA crew implements once a specific pattern or patterns are found, to fix the problem not just temporarily mend the irritation.

For me it was differences between right and left flexibility and a revelation of breathing constriction that once corrected was massive percentages gained. A benefit I will reap not only in cycling, but also in my daily life."

- Frank Maple, World Class Cyclist

"I have had knee problems for over 15 years. After exhausting every possibility to return to riding pain free, including 5 surgeries, physical therapy, a variety of anti-inflammatories and injections, 2 sets of custom orthotics and visits to bike fit gurus from Rhode Island to California, I finally found Dr. Frank.

After just one treatment, I had immediate, nearly complete relief of the knee pain that has plagued my riding for so long. Along with some follow-up treatments and performing the exercises prescribed by Dr. Frank, the results remain and I have hope that I will be able to resume the one thing I love to do – ride a bicycle.

Dr. Frank is accomplished at what he does, deeply concerned and caring. He took on my difficult case, including complicated logistics, with great enthusiasm. I recommend SRA without hesitation."

- Michael Muratore, Cyclist


SRA has been an enlightening experience. I have reached levels of comfort on the bike, running, and swimming, which allow me to focus on distributing power, instead of coping with pain. My range of motion is no longer minimized by tight muscles, and this has resulted in smoother pedal strokes, longer strides, and more fluid swimming. I believe in SRA, and am grateful to have it as a weapon against the competition.

- Michael Nunez, RMCF Cyclist & Triathlete

"The path to recovery started in Durango. I was diagnosed with a moderate herniated disc in the L4/L5 area November 2004. I had been doing too many strength exercises, especially leg press, too much too fast. Chiropractors in Norway helped me out a little bit during the acute phase, but had no focus on self managed exercises with stretching. Finally they said I was "good enough", telling me that time will take care of the further healing process. After reading about Tom Danielson in a Norwegian newspaper I learned about Dr. Frank in Durango, CO, USA. I corresponded with him over half a year before I decided to make the long trip to Durango, February 2006. That made the difference.

Dr. Frank found out that my primary problem is a local stenotic and multiple retrolithesis pattern in the lumbar spine, most pronounced at L5. Thus, the herniated disc itself was not the main problem. The management strategy is to improve the lumbar lordosis while reducing the acute lumbo-sacral angle, and thereby reducing the retrolithesis and stenotic condition. After seven days of chiropractic and soft tissue treatments along the entire spine, I felt a major difference. It was particularly interesting to discover that treatments in my neck and upper back reduced pain and stiffness in my lower back. I could run for over an hour pain free, something I had not been able to do for many years. Dr. Frank set up a comprehensive managing strategies program for me with focus on posture, stretching and exercising which I have been doing faithfully every day since I got home. I am also getting great help from Leif Arne Lystad, a local sports physical therapist who does the soft tissue treatments in accordance with Dr. Frank, and with basis in his own experience. I have been feeling gradually better all the time. Late May I finished a 100 km road race PAIN FREE in 2:31, improving my over all time from last year with over 20 minutes!

Conclusion: Dr. Frank gave me a thorough analysis, discovered the real problem and set up a comprehensive stretching and exercise program that is helping me to return to the bike stronger than ever. I feel I have more power on the pedals and I am more flexible in my general movements on the bike. Thank you, Dr. Frank."

- K.R., Molde, Norway

"Before seeing Dr. Frank I was a mess. I had recurring back and neck pain both on and off the bike and occasional knee pain. 

All it took was a couple treatments of SRA to fix me up and now I ride and live pain free. 

The recovery aspects of SRA are amazing. I like to plan hard rides around when I'll be getting treatment because I know I'll be able to go out and ride just as hard the next day. 

SRA has become an integral part of my training."

- Joey Thompson, RMCF Cycling


"At the start of this season I was having some problems with my body. A friend of mine told me I needed to see Dr. Frank.

At the time, my left knee was tight, My right sit bone was making the long rides hard to finish and my back was having spasms in certain areas. I saw Dr. Frank Jarrell and in about 1hour, I was perfect. The next days training ride was so good I rode for over six hours pain free.

I can't tell you how amazing the SRA treatment worked for me and I would recommend Dr. Frank to anyone having similar problems. Thank you Dr. Frank and SRA for getting me back to normal!"

- Jeremy Powers, Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team

"SRA has become a fundamental part of my training.

After one treatment I felt more centered and comfortable on the bike. Dr. Frank not only works on correcting body alignment, he follows it up with exercises to strengthen the core and eliminate imbalances.

This combination of treatments and exercises are helping my strength, power, flexibility and recovery."

- Kristi Lewis, World Class Cyclist


"After two visits, I was able to train, race, and live pain free!

I have had back pain while training and racing for 5 years. I had tried several approaches to eliminating my problem, without success.

The pain had been a limiting factor for so long I had not even considered what it would be like to train and race without pain.

After one visit for SRA, I was noticeably more comfortable on the bike and had more flexibility than ever. After two visits, I was able to train, race, and live pain free!

With SRA I am able to recover faster, and train harder. I feel very fortunate for the help I have received from Dr Frank and the rest of the SRA crew. Thanks!"

- Grant Berry, RMCF Cycling Team

"I have more power with watts on my power meter. I am much more flexible with a better range of motion and a smoother peddle stroke. When I’m sore and tired from a training ride and I have SRA performed on me. It helps me recover quickly so I can train twice as hard the next day.

My race results have improved greatly because I train so much better with SRA. I now ride much more straight and balanced on my saddle.

Using SRA, I have gained 20 watts during off season training over my August peak, even while weight lifting!"

- Mitch Moreman, Cyclist


"After two visits, I was able to train, race, and live pain free!

I have had back pain while training and racing for 5 years. I had tried several approaches to eliminating my problem, without success.

The pain had been a limiting factor for so long I had not even considered what it would be like to train and race without pain.

After one visit for SRA, I was noticeably more comfortable on the bike and had more flexibility than ever. After two visits, I was able to train, race, and live pain free!

With SRA I am able to recover faster, and train harder. I feel very fortunate for the help I have received from Dr Frank and the rest of the SRA crew. Thanks!"

- Grant Berry, RMCF Cycling Team

"I first met Dr. Frank at the Tour of the Gila stage race. He used SRA on me in the morning before stage four, the crit. I felt like I was able to activate my gluts and lower back more and generally felt more powerful and able to sustain power for longer periods of time.

He performed SRA again on me that night, before the hardest stage the next day. My legs and back felt pretty destroyed after the crit, but after Dr. Frank worked on me I felt as though I hadn't even raced. I also had great legs the next day."

- Josh Bezecny, Target Training


"I have a huge advantage over other athletes, with SRA I can train harder and more effectively because of the recovery benefits of SRA treatments.

It is an essential part of my training program."

- Mike Stevens, Fort Lewis College Cycling Team

Your SRA treatment on my previously diagnosed "frozen shoulder" has had continued success thus far. I have retained what I would guess to be at least 97% of the virtually full range of motion you got me to during the session. Additionally, throughout the following Sunday and Monday, I did not experience any of the range of motion pain that I had been experiencing on a regular daily basis for weeks in my work and leisure movements. It's funny how it takes a while to dawn on you that 'hey, I reached for that item and it didn't hurt like it always does.'

With regard to my neck pain that had come on about only a week ago, I have not had to do my daily icing and I'm certain my driving is safer as I have full range of motion with my neck again and can actually watch out for on coming cars!

I enjoyed the SRT soft tissue work, that was performed on me later in the day by the massage therapists, as well. 

As I listened to the instruction given to the trainees in your system, I was struck at how much sense it makes to even a lay person such as myself. What an amazing concept!"

- K.B.

SRA Pain Management & Pain-Med Options

Pain management is a multi faceted approach

Pain is a complex and challenging emotional experience that can perplex even the best of pain management providers and clinics.

The range of skill sets in the field of pain management is diverse and the strategies are no less scattered throughout the treatment spectrum. As pain management providers, it can be difficult to find and implement the most effective strategies that have the lowest adverse reactions. 

The first line, and most used pain management strategy involves self medication with food and dietary supplements, alcohol, over the counter NSAIDS and recreational drugs. Self medication is followed, or proceeded by prescription pain, anti-anxiety and depression medications with varying degrees of efficacy and their adverse effects can be severe to include addiction and suicide. Other techniques can include medical marijuana, hypnosis, mood and cognitive therapies, and neurological and somatic therapies, and exercise.

The Pain Med Train Wreck

Before embarking on a pain management strategy, a fundamental question must be considered: Why does the USA, and a growing list of other countries suffer from chronic or persistent pain conditions? Specific point in question: Why does America consume 80% of the worlds pain medications with only 4.5% of the world's population? Does America have a pain med drug addiction problem or do we have a pain problem driving a country into addiction. 

The possibilities and probabilities are not as simple as we may hope. Evolving pain-generating factors may include socioeconomic engineering to reward consumptive and addictive behavior, rampant pharmaceutical product marketing creeping into the home, the social illusion that life can be pain free and everyone can be in a constant state of happiness, food industry norms and dietary habits that are grossly pro-inflammatory and create metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, immunological problems, obesity, and a host of other painful conditions.

It is the understanding of Spinal Reflex Institute, International and the developer of SRA Pain Management protocols that regardless of the number of factors or the causative factors creating a society in pain; inflammation is the foremost pathway to a painful life experience.

Inflammation, The Primary Biochemical Path to Pain

For example: Inflammation in the brain disrupts and impairs function and can cause or depression, cognitive impairment and disrupt endogenous pain management. Toxins such as methyl mercury from coal fired power plants and hyperglycemia from a high carbohydrate diet can equally induce inflammatory states in specific areas of the brain.

Inflammation in any body system or tissue disrupts the biochemical, histological and physiological functions that tissue and causes tissue stress and degradation over time. The net effect is disease and increased pain.

The SRI, Intl. Position on Pain Management

SRI, Intl. takes the position that reducing or eliminating pain and shifting CNS tone from sympathetic dominance to parasympathetic balance through SRA, SRT, 5MB/TrueCore protocols is the starting point in any truly effective pain management program.

SRT, SRA, SP Laser and 5MB/TrueCore protocols seamlessly integrate with each other to set the foundation for a pain-free experience. Subsequent or collaborative strategies in diet, nutrition, activities, ergonomics, counseling and transitory non-addictive pain medications can naturally coexist in a low risk pain management program.