5Minute Body for Life Program

5Minute Body for Life

With 5 Minute Body for Life you can enjoy powerful self-care skills for life!


This 3 day, comprehensive wellness program includes individual and group training with activities to help you learn the tools, techniques and options necessary to live in a low stress, vitality infused body for the rest of your life. Reduce your stress, learn to move and carry
yourself with grace and comfort, move into a healthy weight zone and develop a playful mind
and a strong and flexible body.

5 Minute Body for Life can teach you to naturally...

  • relieve stress
  • lose weight
  • energize your body for activity
  • help you sleep like a baby
  • sharpen your mind & emotions
  • move with less aches and pains
  • protect you from a host of health risks

Optional Consultation Add On

You may wish to add on an Individual Consultation with Dr. Frank Jarrell or member of his team, with specific self care recommendations to meet your individual needs. This
option is available at most program dates & locations.


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5MinuteBack & TrueCore

Fast, Lasting Pain Relief, Strength and Mobility for Your Clients & Patients! 

Together, 5MinuteBack™ (5MB™) and TrueCore™ Spinal Stabilization Training offer safe, non-invasive and profoundly effective ways for practitioners to help their patients and clients reduce or eliminate muscle and joint pain, increase freedom and ease of movement, and maximize physical performance rapidly as well as provide them with long term solutions through spinal stabilization exercises.

5MinuteBack vs. TrueCore

5MinuteBack™ and TrueCore™ are the culmination of over 15 years of development with over 60 supportive research articles, 10 years of clinical application and, most recently, premise substantiation using FLIR high quality thermal imaging illustrating the anti-inflammatory and metabolic activation effects of this program. Developed by Dr. Loyd Frank Jarrell, the world's leading expert on spondylogenic reflex syndrome, no other spinal stabilization and strengthening program offers such a rich background of diverse supportive evidence.


5MinuteBack™ is subdivided into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Extreme with each of the first two taking no more than 5 minutes per day. The Advanced offers both floor and standing band exercises, each 5 minutes long or 10 minutes combined. They are to be performed 1-2 times per day for optimal gains in "true core" strength. The Extreme phase is for the conditioned athlete and the active, healthy adult. Pre-existing back conditions do not generally preclude one from learning and doing part or all of the program if they progress through it under SRI Certified professional guidance over time. 

5MinuteBack™ Beginner and Intermediate programs are for the general public. The Advanced and Extreme are for those who progress adequately over time, for conditioned athletes and those with active life styles.

Learn more about 5MinuteBack.


TrueCore™ is the SRI, Intl. Certified Provider version of the combined system which allows the prescribing of specific, highly effective exercises by the provider that are applicable to segmental levels of the spine for therapeutic gain. TrueCore™ is the precursor to 5MinuteBack for those clients and patients that have a pre-existing or active spinal injury, condition or disease.

Learn more about TrueCore.

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SRA 5MinuteBack Strengthening Program


5MinuteBack™ (5MB™) is a safe, non-invasive and profoundly effective way to reduce or eliminate muscle and joint pain, increase freedom and ease of movement, and maximize physical performance in as little as 5 Minutes a day! Developed by Dr. Frank Jarrell of Spinal Reflex Institute, Intl., 5MB™ is a TrueCore™ Spinal Stabilization product with over 15 years of development, substantial supportive research literature and clinical benefit for athletes, injured patients and age related changes.

“This program has helped relieve the severe pain and debilitating effects. I feel healthier and back to becoming my old self. It has allowed me to resume my outdoor hobbies that make and keep me fit. It has put me back on my bike!”
— -T.Z.

5MinuteBack Thermal Imaging

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The referenced 3 images illustrate the effects of 1 session of 5MinuteBack™ Advanced/Extreme (5 minutes floor and 5 minutes band). Of note is approximately 70% reduction in spinal, pelvic and lumbar joint and muscle inflammation, the 4.6 degree F. drop in T8-9 focal inflammation (cross hairs).  Continued activation of skeletal muscles at 38 minutes is evident.

This level of reduction in inflammation equates to gross improvement in spine and peripheral ranges of motion, increased muscle strength, reduced overall pain and stiffness, improved effector (motor) control and functional status of viscera, and prolonged caloric metabolism in skeletal muscles typical of the 3-15 lb. weight loss over 6 weeks of performing even the Basic program.

The 5MinuteBack Advantage

If your client or patient is experiencing back or neck pain; traumatic injury; muscle, joint or nerve problems; shoulder, knee or foot pain; or looking for peak performance; 5MB™ is a powerful, easy to learn and easy to use training program.

5MinuteBack™ is effective for:

  • Acute and chronic pain management
  • Increasing range of motion
  • Speeding injuries and surgical recovery
  • Delaying certain surgeries
  • Reducing symptoms of chronic disease
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving overall health and fitness
  • Reducing delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Increasing athletic performance
  • Improving or resolving neck, back and extremity pain and dysfunction
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Zero to Minimal Equipment Needed!

5MinuteBack™ is the simplest and most effective program available that requires absolutely no equipment and can be done in as little as 5 minutes a day! Once you start, you will want to learn the the rest of 5MinuteBack™ Intermediate and Advanced workouts. 5MinuteBack™ even offers an Extreme workout for the best of athletes, the toughest of working lifestyles, and the most difficult stages of advanced physical rehabilitation.

The Intermediate, Advanced and Extreme 5MinuteBack™ workouts build and progress into the next. Each stage can be done in under 10 minutes a day.

See What Patients & Clients Are Saying about 5MinuteBack™ & TrueCore™

“I absolutely loved the program! Within 1 week I noticed improvement in my back. I like the fact that the exercises don’t require too much time to do. I am so much better since taking the class. I have already told at least five other people that they must do this program!”
— V.T

How 5MinuteBack Works

Your Back is an Apple!

5MinuteBack™ is the only back and body strengthening program that acknowledges 3 key design features of the human body that are just now coming to the front edge of medical understanding.

  1. First: You need a strong back! All movement in the body requires spinal stability through strength. Without a dynamically stable spine, the arms, legs, head and jaw cannot move efficiently and will eventually develop muscle and joint damage or injury. Right now, the human back is the weakest in the entire history of humanity.
  2. Second: You must use your senses! All 5MB™ spinal stabilization and strengthening exercises start with a group of senses called “telereceptors” that include the eyes, ears and nose. These sensors gather information at a distance from the body and will always cause the eyes to turn in the direction requiring your attention. This process in turn activates spinal muscles from the top down and from the deepest to the most superficial muscle groups.
  3. Third: The spine is a chain of links we call vertebrae. The muscles of the spine are best divided into three functional groups: 1) The deepest layer, or those that connect one vertebra to another; 2) The middle layer, or those that skip one or more vertebrae and connect to another that is further away and; 3) The outer layer, or those that connect one entire region of the spine to another region of the body. 

5MinuteBack™ understands that the deepest layer is the most important to strengthen first. Most back strengthening programs focus on the outer layer, or large muscles of the back and abdomen first. Your Back is similar to an apple and, like a bad apple, these programs may make you pretty on the outside but soft in the inside. 5MinuteBack™ builds from the inside out and redefines the true definition of "TrueCore™."

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“Back spasms, neck pain and low back pain never felt better. I have never felt better, I’ve been going to back docs since I was 13 and none of them have made me feel the way I do now. Even my coworkers have seen a change in my posture and strength!”
— L.M.

SRA TrueCore Spinal Stabilization

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SRT TrueCore™ Spinal Stabilization Training includes specific exercises necessary to achieve long-term patient self-support for unstable zygapophyseal joints. SRT TrueCore™ exercises are easy to instruct, easy to learn and are performed in 2-3 minutes each (typical 1-3 exercises max per patient). 

All exercises are based on the latest concepts and research into extraocular driven deep layer intersegmental muscle activation (rotatories, intertransversarii, interspinalis and levator costae brevis) and dependent sequential paraspinal and large motor pathway firing. TrueCore™ is a critical link in understanding and managing multifidi and larger multiregional muscle contractions.