SRA Pain Management & Pain-Med Options

Pain management is a multi faceted approach

Pain is a complex and challenging emotional experience that can perplex even the best of pain management providers and clinics.

The range of skill sets in the field of pain management is diverse and the strategies are no less scattered throughout the treatment spectrum. As pain management providers, it can be difficult to find and implement the most effective strategies that have the lowest adverse reactions. 

The first line, and most used pain management strategy involves self medication with food and dietary supplements, alcohol, over the counter NSAIDS and recreational drugs. Self medication is followed, or proceeded by prescription pain, anti-anxiety and depression medications with varying degrees of efficacy and their adverse effects can be severe to include addiction and suicide. Other techniques can include medical marijuana, hypnosis, mood and cognitive therapies, and neurological and somatic therapies, and exercise.

The Pain Med Train Wreck

Before embarking on a pain management strategy, a fundamental question must be considered: Why does the USA, and a growing list of other countries suffer from chronic or persistent pain conditions? Specific point in question: Why does America consume 80% of the worlds pain medications with only 4.5% of the world's population? Does America have a pain med drug addiction problem or do we have a pain problem driving a country into addiction. 

The possibilities and probabilities are not as simple as we may hope. Evolving pain-generating factors may include socioeconomic engineering to reward consumptive and addictive behavior, rampant pharmaceutical product marketing creeping into the home, the social illusion that life can be pain free and everyone can be in a constant state of happiness, food industry norms and dietary habits that are grossly pro-inflammatory and create metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, immunological problems, obesity, and a host of other painful conditions.

It is the understanding of Spinal Reflex Institute, International and the developer of SRA Pain Management protocols that regardless of the number of factors or the causative factors creating a society in pain; inflammation is the foremost pathway to a painful life experience.

Inflammation, The Primary Biochemical Path to Pain

For example: Inflammation in the brain disrupts and impairs function and can cause or depression, cognitive impairment and disrupt endogenous pain management. Toxins such as methyl mercury from coal fired power plants and hyperglycemia from a high carbohydrate diet can equally induce inflammatory states in specific areas of the brain.

Inflammation in any body system or tissue disrupts the biochemical, histological and physiological functions that tissue and causes tissue stress and degradation over time. The net effect is disease and increased pain.

The SRI, Intl. Position on Pain Management

SRI, Intl. takes the position that reducing or eliminating pain and shifting CNS tone from sympathetic dominance to parasympathetic balance through SRA, SRT, 5MB/TrueCore protocols is the starting point in any truly effective pain management program.

SRT, SRA, SP Laser and 5MB/TrueCore protocols seamlessly integrate with each other to set the foundation for a pain-free experience. Subsequent or collaborative strategies in diet, nutrition, activities, ergonomics, counseling and transitory non-addictive pain medications can naturally coexist in a low risk pain management program.


"I'm a very active tennis player, I take strenuous exercise classes and am a runner. In June I invested in some new running shoes that felt fabulous when I wore them, they had top reviews and seemed to be doing well for my feet. As with many things in our lives, things just gradually come on, so you don't correlate the cause quickly. I began to feel pain on my left foot near the base of my 3rd and 4th metatarsal. At first it was random, in time it progressed to every time I put pressure on that section of the foot, I had searing pain. I tried all sorts of treatments and even changed to a pair of shoes that when wearing them took the pain away, but as soon as I was out of the shoes the pain returned. 

After 7 months, seriously, 1 treatment using SRA by Dr. Jarrell and it is over 95% eliminated! I'm now looking forward to having it gone completely. I am so grateful because I had stopped most of my activities due to the pain.

I am thrilled...what a great relief, quickly!"

- J.K., DC