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"The Power of Spinal Reflex Therapy in Pain Management"

with the Developer of SRT, Dr. Frank Jarrell

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You will learn more about effective pain management for the massage therapist in one hour than in all your previous training combined!

Pain is the greatest motivating factor and the reason most clients walk through your office door! 

And the only thing that matters about any treatment technique, modality or protocol is how it impacts your clients pain, your treatment outcomes, your practice success and professional satisfaction.

Are you tired of chasing symptoms? Do you want to know what is driving 90% of the pain your clients experience? What if there are treatment options for you as a massage therapist, that you have never even heard of?

Join Dr. Frank Jarrell for this eye opening Free Webinar

“The Power of Spinal Reflex Therapy (SRT) in Pain Management”

Find out why Spinal Reflex Therapy so powerfully effects neuromusculoskeletal pain and dysfunction and what it will do for you and your clients as he teaches on these crucial topics;

  • Your clients and pain
    • Acute, chronic & well defined pain
    • General aches & pains
    • Fatigue and trigger point related pain
  • Your clients and the spondylogenic reflex syndrome
    • SRS as primary driver of pain
    • SRS as complicating factor in pain
    • The basic physiology of the SRS symptom cascade
  • Turning off your client’s SRS with Spinal Reflex Therapy
    • How SRT shuts down spondylogenic reflex activation
    • Your clients response to SRT - Immediate & global
    • Your clients response to long term SRT care
  • How SRT shuts down pain more than all other approaches
  • The impact of dramatic & consistent pain relief for your clients
  • The impact on your practice & professional satisfaction

As a massage therapist responsible for treating client pain, you do not want to miss this webinar.  Know your options!