Spinal Reflex Therapy is a combined assessment and treatment technique that optimizes professional success through predictable, dependable and reproducible client outcomes.

Proven to increase therapeutic outcomes, client satisfaction, client referrals and volume, practice income, provider confidence and professional satisfaction; SRT is unlike any other massage technique available today. 

Not only is SRT the fastest growing assessment and treatment program in the world, it grossly reduces the pain and physical labor of deep tissue therapy for both you and your clients. And when properly trained and certified according to Spinal Reflex Institute, International's standards, SRT is guaranteed to boost your client outcomes 

SRT was developed by the world's leading expert in the effects of the "spondylogenic reflex syndrome" on pain and dysfunction and its value in accelerated tissue healing. Dr. Frank Jarrell built SRT into a fast, efficient and highly effective protocol unlike any other in the profession. Predicated upon 85 years of formal research, current scientific concepts in physiology and neurology and 25 years of clinical and therapeutic application; SRT's fundamental concepts are rock solid in its history, research and evidence based standards. 

Also known as "Spondylogenic Reflex Therapy", SRT for Massage is available to both Massage Therapists and Nurses.


SRT training programs are approved through the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers (NCBTMB) for the U.S and the Massage & Myotherapy Australia for continuing education

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Certification in Spinal Reflex Therapy is the best investment I have made in my professional career! With the precise treatment charts and the accuracy of this system I get powerful and consistent results every time. And that’s a real confidence builder!
— S. F., LMT

SRT Provider Certification Package

The SRT Provider Certification Package are  all-inclusive training systems in an easy to learn, easy to use GPS style mapping solution that guides you all the way to maximum massage outcomes for the toughest of cases using the least amount of stress on your body. They are the only Certification Programs that provide a complete fingertip touch software app, an infrared thermometer scanning device and SRT Certification Provider Listing at no cost. You only pay for your educational CECs. There are no other educational providers in the profession who deliver the highest return on your investment in one low-cost package!

Steps to Certification

  1. Purchase your program 
  2. Receive your materials and training tools within 5-7 days
  3. Begin your home study program immediately
  4. Attend a workshop within 6 months on a date and at a location of your choosing

Workshop Schedule



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Based on 2011 independent marketing survey of SRT Certified Therapists developed by Sanders and Clients, Amsterdam, NL

Choose Spinal Reflex Therapy

  • Increase client outcomes
  • Increase assessment and treatment accuracy
  • Achieve predictable, dependable and reproducible outcomes
  • Increase your client and provider satisfaction
  • Increase your referrals and lower your marketing costs
  • Increase your income potential
  • Decrease the wear and tear on your body

Imagine Being Able To . . .

  • Dramatically reduce a client's pain in as little as 5 minutes
  • Quickly increase range of motion in multiple joints
  • Quickly reduce muscle tension and overall pain
  • Quickly release stress and its most prevalent cause
  • Use precise SRT treatment maps to guide you to each muscle treatment sequence for each client in 30 seconds
  • Learn more about the benefits of SRT
It is a great class. Lots of hands-on. Instructor to student ratio was great. It will help me to determine the problem easier, without trying to treat everything. It has accuracy and reproducibility. I would recommend this to anyone who does bodywork.
— K.P., LMT

Powerful Outcomes

powerful outcomes

Successful therapeutic outcomes are dependent upon highly standardized protocols, procedures and skill sets. Predictable, dependable and reproducible, or "PDR" outcomes are critical for an efficient and successful therapeutic experience for both you and your client.

With SRT, you no longer have to "hunt" for taught or tender muscle fibers. You assess your client findings within 30 seconds, pull up the SRT map at your finger tips and treat for 15-45 minutes by applying mild pressure to specific muscle origins and insertions associated with the clients reflex pattern.

SRT is fast and effective! Those taught, fibrous knots and bands of soft tissue and their resulting trigger points and pain that you palpate and treat on a daily basis will begin to fade away without even touching them. 

SRT results are immediate and they are PDR driven. If you are treating one, or seven billion clients world wide; all you need is SRT for fast and effective care!. 

The Science behind SRT for Massage Therapy

Well presented and supported with materials. The materials are excellently produced, concise, clear and well thought out. As an educator, I understand the challenges of presenting complex concepts in a usable and understandable way. The presentation, teacher to student ratio and excellent course materials helped present the information well. The use of hands-on and great explanation helped make the technique useful. Thanks for a great piece of information
— F.C., LMT

SRT Assessment & Treatment

“Rooted in hard science, years of clinical application and one indisputable fact: a reflex, is a reflex, is a reflex.”

SRT Assessment and Treatment respects the body’s natural, hard wired defense systems and its ability to activate a wide array of torso, neck and extremity muscles as a means to address a threat or attack from behind. Neurology defines this process as a "reflex". Your spine produces a set of defensive reflexes known in neurophysiology as "withdrawal reflexes."

When you do not see, hear or smell a threat coming from behind you, your spine will respond faster than your brain to the threat or stimulus. Reflexes that originate from the spinal facet joints (not discs) are called “spondylogenic reflexes” (spondylo=vertebra, genic=origin) or reflexes that originate from the spine proper..

When a spondylogenic reflex gets “stuck on” due to overstretch in tendons and ligaments, tears or underlying muscle weakness in and around the capsular ligaments of a spinal facet joint, it will hijack the nervous system and cause pain and multiple muscles to shorten indefinitely, or until corrected.

When a spondylogenic reflex stays activated, we call it a “spondylogenic reflex syndrome“ (SRS). Spondylogenic reflex syndromes are responsible for a tremendous amount of pain and suffering and its global prevalence is rising rapidly as each generation is becoming weaker in spinal and whole body muscle strength than the last generation. Combined with poor dietary, lifestyle and work habits, there is a continues increase in the prevalence of this rapidly expanding pathology.

When properly Trained and Certified through Spinal Reflex Institute, Intl., any one of the 28 pairs of spondylogenic reflexes can be located in approximately 30 seconds with SRT procedures. SRT can the be applied immediately to effectively treat a given muscle pattern over the following 15-45 minutes. The cumulative effect of treatment is a significant reduction in pain, spasms, stiffness, joint tracking error, motion dysfunction, stress, anxiety and fatigue in multiple areas of the body. SRT causes a system wide change in health and function.

After just one week, SRT has yielded fantastic results.
Two examples: a man with an ‘old’ frozen shoulder became pain free and had full range of motion after just one SRT session, and a woman who fell very badly on our ice-slippery streets on a Wednesday, received SRT on Thursday. Friday she was back at work and reported a little morning stiffness but the horrible pain was completely gone.
— P.O., LMT Sweden