Spinal Reflex Therapy Certification

High Outcome Soft Tissue Therapy for Massage

Spinal Reflex Therapy Certification is a combined assessment and treatment technique that optimizes professional success through predictable, dependable and reproducible client outcomes.

Proven to increase therapeutic outcomes, client satisfaction, client referrals and volume, practice income, provider confidence and professional satisfaction; SRT is unlike any other massage technique available today. 

Not only is SRT the fastest growing assessment and treatment program in the world, it grossly reduces the pain and physical labor of deep tissue therapy for both you and your clients. And when properly trained and certified according to Spinal Reflex Institute, International's standards, SRT is guaranteed to boost your client outcomes


Spinal Reflex Therapy (SRT) Spa

Now you can get the powerful benefits of Spinal Reflex Therapy in a Spa setting when you learn this quick, concise and effective version designed to achieve excellent results while fitting perfectly into the time frame and client expectations of a Spa massage environment!

SRT Spa is easy to deliver along with your typical session, can improve clients mood, reduce or alleviate most common client complaints such as headaches, stress, muscle spasms, neck and back pain, extremity pain, stiffness, limited range of motion, improve client response to other modalities and much more.  

SRT Spa is fast and easy to learn and has a tremendous impact on your client’s physical status!

SRT Spa outcomes can increase client requests and repeat customers!

Self Care Programs

Our self care programs are designed for people of all ages and walks of life. Therapists, their families, friends and clients can all participate and benefit from these fun, easy to learn, life and health transforming programs.